Sunday, October 8

Last week, I enjoyed watching the anime "Osomatsu-san second season."

At first, I worried about the story of the anime because the first episode of the first season was too prank and then it couldn't include DVD. But when I started to watch it, I was fascinated by the prank story again. 

In the episode, the sextuplets deteriorated because of halfway fame from the first season's boom. I am interested that five of sextuplets were fat, but only Ichimatsu was skinny. I guess that he couldn't endure too rapid change of environment.

Sunday, September 24

Please forgive me for writing a negative thing today.

Always I would like to be kind people around me.
But sometimes I failed, I feel so sad that I might wound one's heart...

Though I wanted to support her more, I couldn't, and I am about to give up... 
Her request is larger than I can.
Of course, I understand that difficult situation surrounds her; I want to support her. But I don't have enough time and skill. 

I had some troubles last week. I was so exhausted by the treatment.
She sent me many LINE messages about her issue. 
At first, I dealt sincerely with the messages. 
It was not enough for her demand level.

I say again that her situation is so hard. But I cannot do anything more for her. Yesterday, she sent me such a shocking photograph, like a wrist cutting one!!! Can you guess how I was surprised? I couldn't endure it!

I say third that she has a serious problem, but I recognize that I should not intervene in her mental dispute because I am not a therapist.

But I think, I may be a hypocrite. It is true that I gave psychological support to her until now. I might do the support to think that I am a hearted person. Am I a selfish one?

Some my old friends say "you are too kind." And they also say that I am not strong enough to deal with mental problems of other people.

I am so sorry to say that I had same problems until now. I supported someone so much, and finally, I couldn't meet the demand of the one.

If what I've done is might be from my egoism, I beg forgiving.

Wednesday, September 13

Today, I enjoy watching a youtube video by Mairkiplier.
In the video, he played a creepy game, titled "Dinner with an Owl."
The atmosphere of the game is surreal horror.

I like him because I am attracted by his easy way of talking.

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Monday, July 24

A personal trainer is an individual certified to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness. These days, the chiropractic clinic, which I go to, begun to supply personal training.
I made my mind to work out under the guidance of a personal trainer because I am suffered from shoulder pain.

The instructor has a muscular body and looks like a Saiyan! The Saiyan motivate me by setting suitable goals and sending me LINE messages.

Although it is so difficult for me to lift the weight, I am satisfied with his guidance. Today, I find that my arms get muscles.

Sunday, July 9

Today, I would like to write about a person.

 So Takei (武井壮) is a TV star in Japan, earning half a million dollar per month. 

He became a national champion of decathlon(十種競技) when he was a university student. Despite having become a national champion, it hardly brought him fame nor money. Because it is not popular in Japan to watch TV program on track and field, it is difficult for even great athletes to get high income.

It is necessary for getting high income to get appropriate information, but he couldn't get the chance when he was a child.

After some challenges and fails, he made his mind to get the ability for the talk.
He became even homeless.

Takei started to hang around bars in Nishi-Azabu, where many showmen(お笑い芸人たち) spend time, every night. For saving the money, he ordered a cup of milk. In the bars, he tried to record showmen’s funny talks by holding an IC recorder. He practiced hundreds of times to mimic the talks of them until he becomes able to do perfectly. 

Since he made a lot of effort during eight years, he got the chance for being the star. I think the reason why he could get the opportunity is that he thought logically and never gave up.

If you watch the video, you can see his tremendous effort.





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